About Flora Folia Studio

Flora Folia is a florist studio based in Avoca Beach on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. We commit our practices to gathering the very best of locally-grown, in-season blooms from local growers, farmers and makers.

Supporting locals and aligned local businesses through the medium of flowers is at the forefront of our ethos. Flora Folia endeavours to respect and collaborate every step of the way.

Through our work, we aim to…

  • Support local farmers and artists
  • Align and commit to sustainability in our industry
  • Balance the aesthetics of floristry with the importance of offering that which is reusable, respectful and locally sourced.

Our Story

Igniting memories

For the past 14 years, Flora Folia’s founder, Adrienne Gibbs, has been dedicated to the craft of floristry. Beginning her career as a florist off the back of a Fine Arts Degree at the Sydney College of the Arts, she quickly realised her calling had been found and gained the certifications to cement her passion.

For Adrienne, floristry begins with the growers—people she holds in equal respect with her clients and industry creatives. But it’s the growers of David Austin roses that compel her the most, for nothing steals her heart quite like this English stem.

Growing up in an idyllic setting north of Sydney, surrounded by many esteemed flower growers, Adrienne feels she was drawn to the beauty of blooms from an early age. Inspired by the ways in which they can effortlessly enhance a mood, ignite memories and bring people together, Flora Folia is a business born of genuine adoration.

About Flora Folia Studio - Sydney Florist
Flora Folia Studio Our Mission is to support local

Our Mission

Supporting local

Here on the Central Coast, just over an hour to the Sydney Flower Markets, we are blessed by close proximity to countless abundant flower farms. By supporting growers nearby, we reduce the carbon footprint of our offering and keep our local economy spinning. With our flowers having less distance to travel before reaching us, we are gifted with blooms that have added beauty and longevity. For us, these benefits and environmental perks are of vital importance and underpin everything we do.

Our Flowers

Using seasonal

You only need to think of an autumn pumpkin or a mango in the middle of summer to appreciate the need to buy in-season. The importance of seasonality stretches beyond the produce we eat and applies to the flowers we buy. By allowing blooms to grow according to season, we honour the principles of biodynamic farming and get the most natural and vibrant variations of blooms possible.

Flora Folia Studio Flowers - Using seasonal 1
Flora Folia Studio Flowers - Using seasonal 3
Flora Folia Studio Flowers - Using seasonal 4
Flora Folia Studio Flowers - Using seasonal 2

Our Ceramics

Collaborating with artisans

Here at Flora Folia, we connect with artful makers to offer pieces that enhance the beauty of our flowers. Like our blooms, these ceramics hold an unbound kind of aesthetic, drawing on wild elements of Mother Nature for inspiration.

Flora Folia Studio Floral & Ceramic Studio - Local Sydney Artisans

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